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An article with you watching Coca-Cola century legend!

An article with you watching Coca-Cola century legend!

An article with you watching Coca-Cola century legend!

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No. 100 17-10-10 13:25

On the space, the universe holds red net red, “Warren” birthday song, “portrait” sold 240 million yuan, also often photographed intimate photos of celebrities and the president! This kind of extraordinary experience, from Coca-Cola. This May 8, 1886, was born in the United States business legend, from Atlanta to the full range of pharmacy started, the world’s largest beverage company, sold in more than 200 countries and regions, more than 500 brands of beverage of choice for people. Four words, has become the world in addition to OK, the world’s most widely spread words. From the first day to sell 9 cup, now every day to sell 1 billion 900 million cup’s beverage, today you quickly browse the beverage giant’s extraordinary experience.

This is a story about it be not of the common sort, the growth process of an iconic brand, and the brand development of the company training. In 1886, Coca-Cola was born in Atlanta city in the U.S. state of Georgia, since then mingled and social development, to stimulate innovation and inspiration. These expand the historical moment of brilliant achievements of the global brand century legend. Now, it is a day for the people of the world to bring refreshing carefree feel wonderful.

Because of expectation and age of communication, so someone with the lens frame of beauty, a writing mood, and choose to communicate in advertising art. From the Haddon Sundblom’s famous Santa Claus, to the bright and lively girl image, and strive to use artistic public, each one to see these advertising illustration, can feel happy.

In October 1986, the British Queen’s first visit to china. Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) for a documentary. CCTV wants to buy the right player, then find Coca-Cola, want $200 thousand in sponsorship, is in the film before and after the broadcast broadcast advertising. Although $200 thousand at the time was a high price, but for the China years of operation, has always been a controversial Coca Cola Co, is a great opportunity for publicity. One day in October 1986, in the “news broadcast” broadcast, CCTV and the 18 television stations also sounded advertising melody, to celebrate their own happiness with all walks of life Chinese consumers “Coca-Cola moment”, and “I”, “stop feeling” to end. This is China after the reform and opening up, the first CCTV broadcast advertisement. When the 1 minute show from the Coca Cola Co advertising, against all the odds, you can safely do business in China. Thus, gradually into thousands of households, with hundreds of millions in the lives of ordinary people (because only a headline article plug-in video, so the specific content may you buddy to Baidu).

1927 has just entered Chinese, “Coca-Cola” has a mouthful of Chinese translation of “bite the wax tadpole”. Unique taste and peculiar name, product sales as can be imagined. By 1930s, responsible for the global business expansion Coca-Cola export company in the UK newspaper, with 350 pounds for Chinese translation. British scholar Jiang Yi heard the news from the “times”, the translation of “Coca-Cola” drafted by the judges at a glance. The advertising industry is recognized as the best brand Chinese translation: it not only keeps the English syllables, but also embodies the core concept of “brand delicious and happy; more importantly, it is a simple, catchy, easy to read.

In 1920s, Coca Cola Co began publishing the Christmas advertising campaign, using a variety of different image of Santa Claus, but no one was popular with the consumers. In 1931, Coca-Cola’s advertising director Lee Archer (Archive Lee) commissioned by the illustrator Hayden Sab draw the image of Santa Claus, not only healthy, but also vivid. Shanbu Clement Moore (Clement Moore) from the poetry of San Nicolas “and” Scandinavia people to visit their own tradition, depicts the tall, dressed in red, cheerful auspicious image of Santa Claus, after 30 years, Coca Cola Co has been using this image. Last 1964, the Coca Cola Co Shanbu please draw santa. At that time, Coca-Cola’s image of Santa Claus has been widely popular.

With the vigorous development of the huge success of Coca-Cola, which rivals to follow suit. Their name and logo of Coca-Cola a variant, posted on the bottle, a Koka-Kola, Koca-Nola, Celery-Cola time, Koke and other products such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain flooded the market. Faced with a large number of counterfeit products, Coca Cola Co and bottlers, requirements of bottle submitting a new bottle shape design, the design requirements must be the one and only, even in the dark by touch can also distinguish Coca-Cola, even with only break in pieces, can also be recognized.

The first polar bear ads from France in 1922 ad. Advertising in the polar bear is a bottle for solar cooling. By 1993, the change in advertising. The start of the “AlwaysCoca-Cola” project, choose to use different forms of advertising, the use of the innovation of advanced techniques, such as computer animation. Guess so lovable lively polar bear animation initial idea from? The animation creator Ken Stewart raised a white Labrador, very much like a cute furry bear doll, about the “Aurora” idea was born.

Thanksgiving in 1950, Coca-Cola began to broadcast TV ads in Edgar Bergen and Charlie Macarthy holiday specials. Over the years, there are three commercials and Coca-Cola is most closely linked, recognized among the best TV advertising history.

Coca-Cola big event:

1886: May 8th, John Peng, Burton modulation of Coca-Cola, and sold in pharmacies jacob. In a year, the average daily sales of 9 bottles. Coca Cola Co accountant Frank Robinson a drink named Coca-Cola (Coca-Cola), he believes that the two letters “C” in the advertisement looks more pleasing to the eye, and Spencer Ti wrote the famous pen brand logo. The publication of the first newspaper ads, which Coca-Cola has been hailed as a “delicious and refreshing drink”.

1887: the first use of Coca-Cola coupon promotion. John Pemberton registered “Coca-Cola syrup and concentrate” trademark in the United States Patent Office, the intellectual property rights.

1888: Asa Candler began to gain control of Coca-Cola formula and its patent from John Peng, Burton and its partners hands.

1892: Asa Candler in 1888 began the acquisition of Coca Cola Co, the takeover was finally settled and will become a Coca Cola Co to build Georgia enterprises, approved the advertising budget of $11000.

1893: Coca-Cola Spencer trademark officially registered in the U.S. patent and trademark office. In the Coca Cola Co second annual meeting for the first time, dividends to investors.

1895: Asa Candler announced in the annual report, Coca-Cola has been sold to all States, consumers across the United states.

1898: the first Coca Cola Co completed building. But it soon make the company’s pace, in the next 12 years, Coca Cola Co has five offices relocated to a larger area.

1906: in Canada, Cuba and Panama started bottling operations, they become outside the United States opened the first Coca-Cola bottling plant state. Bates company officially started with the Coca Cola Co for 50 years journey of cooperation, launched the first straight bottle in national advertising.

1909: “Coca-Cola bottlers” magazine publication. The issue of time magazine for 80 years.

1911: Coca Cola Co’s annual advertising budget of more than $1 million for the first time.

1912: Coca-Cola for the first time to enter the Asian market, bottling business started operation.

1913: with the development of the company, Coca-Cola distribution channel has 2300 wholesalers and 415000 retailers.

1915: Coca Cola Co should be invited, Alexander Samuelson designed Coca-Cola bottle prototype by the root glass company holds a patent. By bottling association approved to become the standard packaging bottle.

1916: Asa Candler from the Coca Cola Co and successfully elected Atlanta mayor retire after winning merit.

1919: the establishment of the first European bottling plant in Paris and Bordeaux. The consortium led by Ernest Woodruff at a price of $25 million acquisition of Coca Cola Co.

1923: Launch six bottle carton. This is a major innovation in beverage industry. The following year, the carton of registered patent. Robert Woodruff was elected president of the Coca Cola Co, leading Coca-Cola business development for over 60 years.

1925: the board of directors passed a resolution, the safe will be placed in a mysterious formula Coca-Cola trust bank in the city of Atlanta.

1926: Coca-Cola set up overseas department, responsible for providing concentrated liquid to overseas bottling. This ten years, set up bottling operations in countries including Belgium, Bermuda, Columbia, China, Germany, Haiti, Italy, Mexico, Holland and spain.

1927: Coca-Cola first entered Chinese, set up a bottling plant in Tianjin and Shanghai.

1928: Coca-Cola in the Olympic Games, Amsterdam Olympic venues set up around the beverage kiosk, which began with the Olympic Games a long lasting cooperation process.

1929: two major innovations: Coca-Cola arc Cup debut and the first edition of the standard open type freezer.

1931: artist Hayden Sab Coca-Cola Christmas advertising posters. The first works in Santa for a bottle of Coca-Cola to stop the image of the popular. After thirty years, Shanbu painted pieces to Santa themed paintings, shaping the success of today’s people recognized the image of Santa claus.

1942: during World War II, the Coca Cola Co loading plant in Alabama, Talladega run a company called Brecon loading ammunition. The average daily production of 30 cars for the United States Army Ammunition Support front.

1943: the U.S. government requires Coca Cola Co to provide Coca-Cola for the army. Robert Woodruff promised at the cost to the U.S. military supply Coca-Cola with the price of 5 cents per bottle. During the war, sent 64 mobile bottlers to Asia, Europe and North africa. A total of more than 5 billion bottles of Coca-Cola distribution.

1945: “Coke” is a registered trademark of Coca Cola Co.

1948: Shanghai became the first overseas China annual sales exceeded 1 million box market.

In 1950, Coca-Cola became the first appeared in the “Time” on the cover of the products. The magazine had hoped to use the photo of Robert Woodruff as a cover, Robert Woodruff declined: product is the only focus of Coca Cola Co.

1955: Coca Cola Co began to enable African American image in marketing. In 1951 launched the Harlem Yu basketball team, and in 1953 the Olympic Games for athletes with Jesse Owens and Alice Caterman, which opened in 1955 the Clark University student Mary Alexander. She became one of the first African American women appear in print ads in the.

1959: Coca-Cola operates in more than 100 countries, conducted by the 1700 bottle business distribution.

1961: Sprite – a fresh lemon flavored beverage officially listed in February 1st.

1966: sugar free drinks available – a citrus flavored Fresca.

1969: Coca-Cola introduced new visual image, launched the red and white and white theme and logo. In a new round of Coca-Cola brand advertising, launched a new advertising slogan “Coca-Cola, really” (“It s the Real Thing).

In 1978, retired after nearly 30 years, Coca-Cola and Chinese government signed an agreement to return to the market Chinese. The launch of Hi-C beverage. The launch of the 2 litre plastic bottle (PET), the Coca Cola Co began to use plastic bottles.

1985: Coca-Cola first change the formula, commonly known as the “new Coca-Cola”, the United States triggered nationwide protests of consumers, 79 days later, the original formula Coca-Cola renamed “Coca-Cola classic” back to the market. Coca-Cola with the shuttle Challenger on the space, become the history of mankind in the outer space first drink, testing the Coca-Cola space tank was in a mission to become an astronaut in space.

2002: the launch of Coca-Cola vanilla in the United states. Coca Cola Co successfully sponsored FIFA held the world cup in Japan and South korea. Coca-Cola sponsored singing contest “American Idol” on the screen. It has become one of the TV programs in the history of the most popular.

2004: Coca-Cola launched lime flavor diet.

2011: by Coca-Cola in Minute Maid orange China independent research and development, brand value exceeded $1 billion, the beverage brand among Coca-Cola’s first 14 brand value of more than $1 billion, Coca-Cola celebrated the birth of 125th anniversary.

Calendar advertisement highlights:

1886: Drink Coca-Cola

1904: Delicious and Refreshing

1905: Coca-Cola Revives andSustains

1906: The Great National Temperance Beverage

1907: Good to the Last Drop

1917: Three Million a Day

1922: Thirst Knows No Season

1923: Enjoy Thirst

1924: Refresh Yourself

1925: Six Million a Day

1926: It Had to Be Good to Get Where It Is

1927: Pure as Sunlight Around the Cornerfrom Everywhere;

1929: The Pause that Refreshes

1932: Ice Cold Sunshine

1938: The Best Friend Thirst Ever Had Thirst Asks Nothing More;

1939: Whoever You Are, Whatever You Do, Wherever You May Be, When You Think of Refreshment Think of IceCold Coca-Cola

1942: The Only ThingLike Coca-Cola is Coca-Cola Itself

1948: Where There s Coke There ‘s Hospitality’

1949: Along the Highway to Anywhere

1952: What You Want is a Coke

1956: Coca-Cola… Makes Good ThingsTaste Better

1957: Sign of Good Taste

1958: The Cold, Crisp Taste of Coke

1959: Be Really Refreshed

1963: Things Go Better With Coke

1969: It ‘s the Real Thing

1971: I D Like to Buy the “World a Coke – part of the It” sthe Real Thing “”

1975: Look Up America

1976: Coke Adds Life

1979: Have a Coke and a Smile

1982: Coke Is It!

1985: We ve Got a Taste for You “(Coca-Cola& Coca-Cola Classic); America RealChoice (Coca-Cola S & Coca-Cola Classic)

1986: Red, White & You (Coca-Colaclassic)

Catch the Wave (Coca-Cola)

1987: When Coca-Cola is a Part ofYour Life You Can tBeat the Feeling “

1988: You Can t Beat the Feeling “

1989: Official Soft Drink of Summer

1990: You Can t Beat the Real Thing “

1993: Always Coca-Cola

2000: Coca-Cola. Enjoy

2001: Life Tastes Good

2003: Coca-Cola… Real

2005: Make It Real

2006: The Coke Side of Life

2009: Open Happiness

2016: Taste the Feeling

One hundred years of legend, together with the development of the times, the growth in continuous innovation, every day is a new departure, to those extraordinary in the ordinary!

This paper represents the views of the authors and do not represent the position of Baidu. Department authorized 100 issue, shall not be reproduced without permission.

“Eighth, ninth words” war coarse snack snacks are not completely inspected

“Eighth, ninth words” war coarse snack snacks are not completely inspected Abstract: readers will feel when watching this animation, do not take what to eat a little sorry for myself and the feeling of animation.

Author: LIAR

Source: “cover eighth” war coarse snacks

The end of the first two words of love Xiuluo field, we are familiar with the “rough” war snacks back (hey)!

Readers will feel when watching this animation, do not take what to eat a little sorry for myself and the feeling of animation. When I write the special in O sub O Johnson found treasure, snacks can be uncomfortable, and see some domestic similar snacks or O can buy the treasure of snacks, “ah, little miss, as if for a long time did not eat.” “what want to try.” so I could not resist the buy button, the animation still achieves its effect, but also a sense of rough “dim sum” peripheral “war” is probably the cheapest of all animation. Nonsense finished, following the start of the 8 one by one introduces some snacks with ninth words.

Super – horror stories of chewing gum

Then seventh words eighth words into the summer festival, the “summer” animation indispensable “terrorist” 100 story plot, but the animation is in winter, it’s cold recently with a cold, almost to the bones (shake). Do not say first this is the inside story of how horrible, at least this package is enough with hair standing on end. In fact, the back of the package of small illustrations is pretty cute?

A box of 24 grain, a grain of 40 yen, and the inside of the story every year will launch a new play all 18 chapters, 24 content of grain per box or random, so to collect a complete bomb is actually not so easy. “Super – horror story the gum” has been out of the eighth bomb, the inside of the said although the story says “this is the real story” are actually members written, but sixth of them play the story by Japan’s “ring king” Inagawa Juji “creation, have seen the cold” the friend rodgersia should be familiar with this, right, is suggested. However, after the seventh play the story back to members of the “bullshit”, a collection of ghost stories love friends can own soso, these online are found. We should have noticed on the packaging to voucher it, when sixth bombs sent Inagawa Juji a DVD, the eighth bomb is so big pillow gifts to the people on the cover “Miss Li Zi” is 45cm long, 35cm wide. Although it chilling, but the official face very disappointed attitude to tell you, “don’t be afraid Oh, there is only this cotton pillow.” (; omega)

Incidentally, this series is very popular and TOP farm also launched a companion “terrorist mind pictures of chewing gum”, “super – horror story gum” on the cover of the slogan “your experience with terror…” , “terror Heart Photo gum” here is “you will become a terrorist witness…” (mom, how awful!)

[a] sword ball

To escape from the terror of the topic, the side story (well, not to eat). Time-honored snack shop in Japan, will not only put some snacks, some small toys are also available. In addition to the animation often see the mask, the old model of sword ball is a must-have. The sword of the ball, Chinese characters could also be written as “jade sword” boxing “jade” and a comparative soil called “skill ball”, originated in Eleventh Century, is a traditional Japanese folk game, itself is from France was “Bill Boke” (Bilboquet), meaning that the cups and balls, play is a cup the rope tied to a ball, the ball in a cup. As a result of Bill “Boke” by the French love, soon the game evolution and a ball from a cup into a ball with a hole. Slowly add sticks, try to use sticks inserted ball tip. In early seventeenth Century the Edo period “Bill Boke” was introduced to Japan, became the Japanese at leisure entertainment. In 1918 (during the Taisho Period) Japanese has improved the shape, then called “moon ball”. The sword ball style very much, and is widely applied, as a special folk country (and actually our diabolo, almost) in order to better promote the creation of Japan, Japan kendama Association, and develop specific and special competition game ball, and every bit of Dan and skills. In addition, many animation cartoons also love sword ball used as a weapon, the most famous is probably “Yatterman No. 1” small swordsman sword used in the ball and Anxi letter “MAR” in the magic of cavalry hero tiger mercury using a “treasure” too.

Global packaging chocolate divination

The chirin farm production of this global package of divination of chocolate, a box of 30 pieces, including tax price of 540 yen. About the manufacturer after another chocolate will be introduced here to sell a child. The total for the grade of divination,,,, * * * 4, of course you, happy.

Jumping cotton candy

Meiji “jumping cotton candy”, a pack of 50 yen. To say, this “jumping cotton candy” I really bought, feeling how to say, eat together or not ordinary poppingcandy fun, mainly poppingcandy ingredients not cotton candy to the many, including in the mouth feel even less with feeling.

Poo chocolate

One of the highlights of the new post, known as the “hero of crude world poo chocolate dessert”. “Tainted heart war” the “stigma” I and Anitama “porn application” is the same as wash off.

Who would have thought that such a lovely chocolate, is actually out there, or spherical, lucky is not the color of chocolate brown. This “poo chocolate” creator is just related selling chirin farm produced by designer Yamamoto, Li Zong design. This product is designed for children the most casual love topic, so from the name to the image completely starting from the poo angle, in order to let the children of love, natural small animal have painted a lovely little (you enough). Incidentally, the inside of the chocolate and the aforementioned chocolate divination is exactly the same…

Sakura pickled radish

First of all I have been considering is the prefix is not taking Sakura pickled radish also put a [a] better, think of the next set of content, “it still belongs to the scope of the coarse snack bar” is introduced and the normal.

Sakura pickled radish, not with cherry pickled radish, but normal vinegar pickled radish, just add the cherry colored edible pigment, 1 packs of 10 yen, such as the introduction of the Kanto snacks that is limited, but also the essential commodities. It is difficult to imagine why it should be dish should be classified in the snacks? It is said that because the children do not put it as a garnish, but as snacks, I think this is about the same piece of mustard and mustard silk, as snacks… It is very strange, but this kind of strange snacks are not uncommon, the next episode will introduce to.

Then, take the pickled radish rice with what’s normal, seen with spicy rice with it? (Hello)

Egg ice cream

To this set the most dirty Optima ice cream = egg ice cream. First, it can ensure that the packaging is very clean, and no strange smell, I say is rubber smell. After eating frozen condition more, after all, ensures that no “explosion”, the general taste 6, milk, vanilla. Chocolate, strawberry, melon, orange, and its name in the “egg”. In fact, initially in the image design of the balloon, so it is also called “balloon ice cream”, as the design time why the front will come out? You think the designer is the comparison of pollution!


This article only Anitama published, any unit or individual shall not be published in any form of part or all of the contents.

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Beef offal Hot pot to join the brand of extreme cow fragrant beef offal Hot pot

Beef offal Hot pot to join the brand of extreme cow fragrant beef offal Hot pot Abstract: there are a variety of restaurants in high streets and back lanes, is not anxious to eat, but to become a delicacy was not so easy, must be real wood food, but also to the complex optimization. Are you fond of Hot pot of love? Taste the delicacy and enjoy a chat with people around the Hot pot shop, enjoy life.

Now all kinds of restaurants in high streets and back lanes, is not anxious to eat, but to become a delicacy was not so easy, must be real wood food, but also to the complex optimization. Are you fond of Hot pot of love? Taste the delicacy and enjoy a chat with people around the Hot pot shop, enjoy life. The love of many people become Hot pot beef offal, beef offal in extreme cow incense Hot pot constantly on the basis of maintaining the traditional flavor of innovative products, better service to consumers.

Beef offal originated in the old west area, Hot pot is improved Hot pot beef offal in the beef offal on the basis in autumn and winter in south of the Five Ridges area is very popular. Beef offal approach is very simple, it is the main raw material of beef, tripe, large intestine, bovine bovine and bovine tripe, etc.. Then the amount of star anise, cardamom, cinnamon, orange peel, dried chili, pepper, cumin seeds, radish 5 grams of salt, soy sauce, Jin, sugar, wine, msg. Want to have a delicious taste, depends on the beef offal soup.

First of all, it is the miscellaneous materials. In addition to beef, sausage, not lung, stomach, heart, tongue, brain, muscle, whip, shoe flower, yellow are Hot pot of raw beef offal. These things are carefully processed into semi-finished products, when needed, a plate of a tray to the table, and eat off according to their own interests in order to a variety of a variety of spices, to complete the deployment of appropriate and open the boiling hot soup Hot pot in the shuttle. Eat in the winter house Hot pot heating, heating furnace owned goods side, while on the fever. Eat a hot Hot pot scene, guests wearing thin, hot, and hot, hemp, the Hot pot eat sweating, even with the air conditioning, or a fan is of no avail. Diners eat too full of joy, so that be in full swing, eat hot spicy hot Hot pot flavor especially to attract tourists. The shuttle into the Hot pot in the food, to put the clock edible soup. Different raw materials after Hot pot after they have a different taste, some tender fragrant, some crispy, some hard some incense, fragrant glutinous, some incense powder…… Have a boundless good flavour。

Secondly, it is the main ingredients are mixed ingredients, preparation of materials and miscellaneous Hot pot soup. The first method is to use two oil, vegetable oil is first poured into the heated wok boil, then pour the mixture into the amount of lard, oil well, the pre prepared cake pepper and put them within the system, until the water dry chili in the cake, you can put the water to boil. At the same time put pepper, pepper, aniseed, three, Nai Sha Ren, buckle, vanilla, white pepper, monosodium glutamate, salt, ginger, garlic, coriander, take 15 minutes, the beef offal semi-finished soup to eat shuttle into the fire, its taste delicious. This is Hot pot soup hemp, spicy, hot, acid. This is the so-called hot pepper and hot pepper, rice, hemp, sweat and tears, and pepper alcohol, flavor and fragrance in music. The soup cooked a little longer, the better the taste, the shuttle into the raw beef offal cannot Hot pot boil the time long, long time but not sweet taste. The taste of beef offal is very important to master the furnace Hot pot.

Again, is the preparation of hybrid materials with water. Hot pot bottom material seasoning beef offal all already complete, the taste is enough, but still happens to be in front of everyone with a dip in the water, the purpose is to add a special flavor, the beef offal completely reach the perfect position Hot pot. It is because the production of miscellaneous, not only in the Hu pepper put salt, soy sauce, green onion, and with parsley, ginger, mashed garlic, prepared with strong local characteristics and special curd vanilla powder. The guests out cooked food from the boiling pot, and then dipped in the water to play a roll to import beef offal, adding to the endless flavor Hot pot. Official website: http://jm.f600.cn/canyin/195187.html

To find a reliable project set up shop to join snacks in http://jm.f600.cn/canyin/xiaochi/, on the micro signal (F600cn), entrepreneurial guidance of experts worry more and more comfortable, guarantee project platform signed seven days retreat more assured, more happy business bribe!

Yu tone: a gentleman to jade

Yu tone: a gentleman to jade Abstract: I think, in this world, no book can teach us how to be a gentleman, even after we have other people’s words and deeds, the text in the book into most of the thought, to wash our hearts and support our souls. But a modest, self-disciplined gentleman, Wenrunruyu, polish, such as cut, such as grinding.

I think, in this world, no book can teach us how to be a gentleman, even after we have other people’s words and deeds, the text in the book into most of the thought, to wash our hearts and support our souls. But a modest, self-disciplined gentleman, Wenrunruyu, polish, such as cut, such as grinding, how can polish the jade only reading this kind of words, naturally can not be the only tool.

Gentleman, should from what we saw in the past every word and action, and in every tree and bush, in the long night of sentiment.

A piece of jade, let the jade very valuable, often with tears, with sweat, even with blood; have the taste of the wind and the smell of the earth, and the sound came from the sky the indescribable sigh.

The gentleman is beautiful, this kind of beauty seems to become eternal, thousands of years ago, the first poet of our country because while they are incapable of action, so that life will never disappear in the river above the shortage. At that moment, life is so fragile and so lonely, no one would laugh at him her hair so embarrassed, haggard face, how lonely, know his future generations more, is that chapter of his sword, his high admiration, he had to wear the crown of vanilla and he left off.

Since ancient times, difficult, only one death, he insisted that dignity is more important than life, so a martyr, who would laugh at him a dork? Gentleman, would rather die than disgrace.

We are trying to Confucius Confucius’s life pursuit and practice of gentleman, for his car Lawton, displaced more than 10 years, but empty handed, whether it is not his fault, he is questioning the success or failure has not much significance. I want to remember, he is in the chaos, did not give up a benevolent responsibility.

He told us how to educate people, should not let every flower open, with different flowers to make the most beautiful. This is the most natural way of harmony, this is true for teachers, teachers have great wisdom. Later Mencius have similar experiences, but his words “to teach”, and how heroic, heroic. A gentleman like jade, also can be like a sword like orchid.

Confucius compiled the “spring and Autumn”, “three hundred poems”, “easy” is made, the most precious, is leaving his Confucian thought, beyond reach. He told us the gentleman is love, is the service, is tolerant, is magnanimous, is indifferent, is happy. These on the same chain, he thought these are just the tip of the iceberg, but I have benefited a lot.

We learn first to stand their foundation, filial piety and benevolence of this, we listened to, heard the heart, will not go crooked road, is it possible to start a healthy growth, and then have a gentleman, with talent, ability and perseverance of the mind. The immaculate stains easily, so don’t shake, although this road is very difficult, with inexhaustible toil, or life frustrated lonely, but so what? Gentleman, careful of their independence.

One thousand years ago, Mr. Fan Zhongyan, facing the vast Dongting Lake, wrote down the famous “Yueyang Tower”, let us remember that sentence: “first and worry about the world, after the world to enjoy”. This sentence always feel some empty, then slowly understand, not to have compassion, I will be relieved, the gentleman wilder, when we can control their own desires, not too care about personal gains and losses, so, “first and worry about the world” and “after the world music, it should be the causal relationship, the first worry is not painful, then music is ordinary people can not understand the heartfelt happiness.

Jade is needs cleaning and maintenance, we found their own interest, found their own strengths, this is self-knowledge, and we insist on their interest and then play their strengths, this is heaven, the gentleman to never yield in spite of reverses, unremitting self-improvement.

Compared with jade, a gentleman, I’m just a pile of rubble, but this does not hinder my pursuit of a gentleman, a gentleman can be regarded as the practical service, as I just as the writing is of interest, but to adhere to the habit of a lifetime. I wrote some articles, my style has been very beautiful, everyone calls me fly son chant, and I also boasted in front of people is a rare gentleman, but in the face of many of the sages, ask yourself, I can not recognize you, but do not want to be indifferent to.

A gentleman like jade, Jasper Shiba, who in Magnolia boat?

I can’t give the exact definition of a gentleman, this topic is too large, the results in a lyric coat paper, I want to give up, but I was advised to continue, but the total life knowing several times are impossible, so I still write, regardless of my works can not be recognized.

Super popular mouthful unforgettable – cream crisp

Super popular mouthful unforgettable – cream crisp

Super popular mouthful unforgettable – cream crisp

The world delicacy

No. 100 17-11-25 21:13

Cream crisp, layering, epithelial layer soft waxy crisp, sweet, super popular, bite to forget!

Cream crisp

Graphic | Agnes zhpD

Honey crisp thin 15-30 milk 1 liter cream 200 ml sugar 200 grams of starch 4 tablespoons Rice noodles 4 tablespoons corn flour 4 tablespoon 4 egg 150 grams of butter vanilla 1 teaspoon salt 1 tsp pepper 1 tsp is simple time three quarter taste sweet baking process

1. butter spare

2. milk, cream to add sugar, vanilla, medium boil. From time to time to stir.

3. starch, Rice noodles and corn flour with salt and pepper and mix well

4. egg yolks

5. start stirring

6. add a tablespoon of heating milk, continue to stir

7. continue to add some milk, until transferred into flowable granules without slurry

The 8. slurry into a small fire to boil the milk, stir out large bubbles until the pot, which is close to the fire. Cool.

The 9. pan brush a thin layer of butter

10. thin cut tray size

The 11. layer in the oven, continue to brush a thin layer of butter. Then the skin and brush oil, a total of 15 floor shop.

12. fifteenth layer brush oil, but will cool the cream paste into the oven, paving.

13. continue to spread and thin brush oil, but also 15

14. the last layer to brush oil, can even be left by the butter pour in the skin, but to brush, to ensure that all areas are bonded together with the lower.

15. with a sharp knife into the equal thought

16. in the middle of preheated oven, 180 degrees bake for 20-25 minutes


Thin skin is very thin, broken and never mind, also can use mosaic pieces. Don’t use the skin to use a towel wrapped, or soon dry. A good mix of starch slurry, can go through the sieve and then poured into the milk, more delicate. The block plate, sprinkle some chopped nuts. How much a thin look completely pan size. I am a small dish, open shop two layers of skin, and cut corners and fight a layer.

– – –

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Physical fitness class

Birdman fitness studio to meet the best of yourself

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Zheng Duoyan ZETNESS fitness club queen slimming Fitness Tips

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The course MT fitness studio professional personal trainer

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The pursuit of freedom and a group of healthy young people, advocating sports plus a reasonable diet and health concept, according to the different needs of people, provide shaping, increase muscle and improve the physical fitness of different aspects of professional guidance, personalized private lessons are more targeted, in MT to harvest health and beauty.

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Ma Jun Fitstart Online + offline course build vest line

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Shanghai one hour professional team to build fitness studio

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The new concept of health space J-starFOREVERYOUNG

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CaliforniaFitness fitness center in Asia of revolutionary pioneer

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CaliforniaFitness is a pioneer in California fitness fitness center Asia revolution, 10 years ago, has pioneered the concept of large-scale introduction of the Asian fitness center. Whether it is close to the trend of the GroupX group course advanced cardiopulmonary exercise equipment or relax in a yoga class or sauna, can enjoy unlimited fun sports here.

Boutique fitness BoutiqueFitness exquisite private teaching studio

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Boutique fitness is an exquisite private teaching studio, in order to build our body and make our life more healthy. The studio designed by Italy DedoDesign Design Institute, reflects the very good movement and natural harmony. Private customized private education curriculum, curriculum content using the world’s most cutting-edge fitness concept, to create the perfect harmony of body.

Reverse the growth of diamond class enjoy fitness fitness

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The inverse growth fitness to provide a fashion and healthy way of life for the urban elite, high-end, professional and private is the consistent style of private customized fitness program, healthy eating plan, home gym building comprehensive health solutions, always adhere to the high-end customers, advocate a new concept of fitness.

Alexander advocated a full range of living a healthy life philosophy

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Fitness, dance, yoga, and slimming, spa, diet, Alexander hall abnormal strong integration of a full range of professional health services and global cutting-edge living machine health products. With 30 years of experience in the health of Alexander, as one of Asia’s most high-end comprehensive fitness center, and you will share the “food base, solid movement, meridian conditioning” LOHAS philosophy.

Shanghai Yuansu clinic of traditional Chinese medicine “smell and care for women

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Women go to the wet cold fomentation plus Chinese medicine diagnosis (basic) (worth 380 yuan)

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Adhering to the “human element” concept, to carry out Chinese medicine each department medical health services, to provide a full range of high quality medical service for you, and the health management course for exclusive membership, in order to prevent disease before the concept of care for your family and future. “Professional quality, cultural heritage,” dedicated to inherit the essence of traditional Chinese medicine and the combination of Chinese and Western medicine to play professional technology, quality management and health culture, exquisite warm and considerate service, let you feel the taste of Humanities and culture and health.

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Catering Entertainment

Zen Zen and enjoy life

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A woman tea course season (including afternoon tea and tea) (value: 688 yuan)

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The plant transformation of Zen, space bright and transparent, the entrance of the tree Ficus lush foliage, add a lot of aura, while three storeys high tea wall, reeking of tea. Zen boundary is the main Tibetan tea, Tibetan medicine into the tea culture, tea making tea also have great originality, and Zen food supply. In Zen edge set the essence of heaven and earth, the theme of the box, a tea, learn tea, for their own one more elegant temperament.

Feed cable SALE&PEPE a trip to Italy to taste

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The upgraded cable SALE&PEPE in showing the food flavor of Italy delicacy and exquisite. In the environment of the main industrial wind and Japanese wind mix, full open kitchen, add visual experience to enjoy the delicacy. Larger and more spacious terrace can be more intimate contact with sunshine, comfortable, pure fruit carbon baked pizza, pasta and seafood awareness is the same sign.

LaFantasia magic product Yan burst table values dessert date

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200 yuan cash coupon

Valid until: March 7, 2017

The color values out of the ultra fine dessert, lovely appearance makes you reluctant to mouth. LA Fantasia is a Louie Ye dessert master (Ye Wei) founded the French creative dessert brand, chef art studio decoration color illusion Xintiandi Tiffany blue collocation, chocolate banana tart, orange flower, Napoleon ord vanilla fruit tart Wyatt ring,… Each is both beauty and taste quality dessert.

One of the best coffee in Shanghai KiwiCaf

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200 yuan cash coupon

Valid until: May 30, 2016

One of the best known as Shanghai coffee Kiwi Cafe, located in the quiet atmosphere of the petty bourgeoisie and there is no lack of North Shaanxi Road, is the New Zealand rural wind environment. Green vine around the window quiet romantic, dark brown wood table, masonry walls and green iron seat environmental orderly segmentation, make people feel comfortable. Kiwi Cafe the main creative coffee, the Southern Hemisphere Love, Coconut Coffee and flat white all the popular girls favorite, of course, in addition to the coffee shop, luxury brunch is not to be missed a taste of surprise.

Tascovery to study international flavor delicacy culture

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Experience curriculum section: optional dessert wine, cooking (value: 300 yuan)

Valid until: December 31, 2016 (the project no hidden consumer)

Founded in 2009, Tascovery international training center is a delicacy delicacy culture training center. Here is not only a professional course of traditional Chinese cooking delicacy, French cuisine, and pastry bread making, but also provide Wine tasting, coffee tasting, cigar tasting, nutrition and health table culture course. Located in the downtown subway intersection in the downtown area, the one and only provide a series of training, from class to customized corporate training, from the master class to business guide training. From around the world to provide professional teacher cooking, pastry, bread, coffee, Wine tasting for the different needs of students of professional courses.

Badong is Paris, Tokyo art club will learn fashion floral

Shanghai WOW exclusive gift bag Goddess:

The value of 500 yuan coupons

Valid until: March 8, 2017

Badong, Paris, Tokyo and the implication for fashion floral phase exchange in the Shanghai Art Association was formally established in May 6, 2010, mainly to carry out professional training activities, or the venue of the floral floral display and design work; Shanghai is currently the only one can directly obtain the floral training institutions France Paris public school graduation certificate.

Kingmv (Jingan) free to sing K foot addiction Mic King

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Enjoy free 3 hour gift box fee, fruit, snacks, a cocktail of needle (worth 1500 yuan)

Valid until: June 30, 2016

Personal butler service for the purpose of principle, make you feel the one and only leisure service experience, make you relax thoroughly in the intense work rhythm, find the feeling of home. The idea of famous designer fashion with its beyond the imagination, to create a mysterious and beautiful color and change unpredictably visual space, the world’s top sound system and a world – class light electrical equipment, to bring a new visual impact to you. Kingmv Shanghai aims to create high-end luxury, fashion, avant-garde offbeat entertainment will peak in the holy land, leading you into the forefront of fashion, passion Unlimited, “drunk night home”, to create a HIGH night!

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The optimal formula |, fruity sweet and sour taste: fresh pineapple cake

The optimal formula |, fruity sweet and sour taste: fresh pineapple cake Abstract: the May is the best time to eat pineapple. Buy pineapple saline bubble to eat, there may be a little astringent, and grilled pineapple protease was completely destroyed due to high temperature because of a little astringent, and fruit can be excited.

Caywood You formula

May is the best time to eat pineapple. Buy pineapple saline bubble to eat, there may be a little astringent, and grilled pineapple protease was completely destroyed due to high temperature because of a little astringent, and fruit can be excited. Grilled pineapple or monotonous, with pineapple cakes, pineapple cake is hidden in a much more interesting. A bite of fragrant cake and pineapple fragrance blend, sweet and sour taste balance, wonderful, is delicious.


Can make 1 small 4 inch cake

Butter 50g

Fine sugar 40g

Egg 50g

Vanilla 1ml

Low Powder 50g

Almond powder 13g

Baking powder 2G

1 pieces of fresh pineapple

The amount of light cream (decoration)

The amount of fresh pineapple (decoration)

The amount of sugar (decoration)

4 inch Savoy Lin die 1


The softened butter, add fine sugar until pale, volume expansion.

The room temperature join egg and vanilla, beating well.

The sifted flour, add almond powder and baking powder, stir evenly.

The mold into the batter to 1/3 height, put a slice of pineapple, and then into the batter into the full 9. The batter viscosity, using a pastry bag will squeeze batter into the mould will be more smooth.

5 in preheated oven at 170 degrees for 25 minutes.

The release, cool after the hollow part fill in the amount of crushed pineapple cake, top squeeze butter, sprinkle sugar for garnish.

Sweet and sour taste, do tea as well.

Do stump every Christmas cake roll, the way you have never seen before!

Do stump every Christmas cake roll, the way you have never seen before! Abstract: words, Christmas to, want to make a wood cake to celebrate? The goose, wood cake cumbersome and difficult to do, always do not how to break? Then to try this simple version of the wood – cake, perfect taste & wood texture can easily fix, don’t have to worry about Christmas without a decent souvenir!

As Christmas to, want to make a wood cake to celebrate? Bangbangbang~ like geese, wood cake cumbersome and difficult to do, always do not how to break? Then to try this simple version of the wood – cake, perfect taste & wood texture can easily fix, mom no longer have to worry about my Christmas without a decent souvenir! Happy ing~

– wood – Cake Roll


28*28 non stick baking tray

Cocoa paste layer

Unsalted butter 28g

Protein 28g

Sugar 15g

Low powder 20g

Black cocoa powder 5g

The cake

Unsalted butter 23g

A little vanilla

Low powder 34g

Egg yolk 60g

Protein 90g

Fine sugar 64g

A little lemon juice

Milk cream

Light cream 220g

Sugar 20g

Cherry 10ml


Cocoa paste layer

First cut out of a similar size and pan baking paper (with tarpaulin better, not on the gold plate, the bottom folds) rub a little cooking oil, the oil viscosity in the mold bottom (TARP), with the oil scraper will be flat, spare

The softening of unsalted butter at room temperature, adding other ingredients to stir well, no sense of the state of fine particles

The second step the mixture is scraped into the mould, with a mixture of the scraper will be smooth, evenly coated in the bottom of the mold (paper is easy to fold, but would not be so linoleum or tarpaulins, it)

The use of wide tooth tooth scraper draw in the batter wave surface shape, into the refrigerator spare

The cake

First with a small fire will soften unsalted butter and put aside

The egg yolk added 19g fine sugar and vanilla, egg yolk color, fluffy whipped until the volume becomes slightly shallow state reserve

The protein will be placed in clean containers without oil water, add a few drops of lemon juice will be fine sugar 3 times into protein, whisk the egg whites until in the high speed soft hook state.

The steps in the egg yolk paste into the steps of protein cream, with scraper stir evenly, add in the sifted flour, mix with a scraper

The first step in melted butter into the mixture in step 4, with a scraper quick mix, fill the mold

The light shock pan to eliminate excess air bubbles (about shaking the pan is better), put the tray into the oven preheated to 190 degrees, bake for 12-15 minutes, to insert a toothpick body with a cake not debris can be removed

The tray will lift to 20cm high position, falling to pan the heat shock out of the cake, the cake upside down in the shop has oil on the grill and cool, spare (virtual surface cover paper, prevent dry cake)

Milk cream

The cream, powdered sugar, cherry liqueur mixture poured into the egg bowl, whisk the cream in high speed to about 8-9 distribution status

The first step to lay the Santika put on the surface of the cake, the cake with paper and a rolling pin roll into the freezer, setting 10-15 minutes (pure sister because the double eleven shopping too much, hand is interrupted, now replaced by CONY -…..)

The freezing and shaping good cake roll from the refrigerator, ends with a serrated knife cut, can be completed

The painting with a long fringe cocoa interval teeth, do not use tooth scraper triangle, not good-looking.

Because of the cocoa paste, so the cake volume is easy to crack, parallel to the cocoa cake will suggest stripe rolled up.

The Cuban cigar Millennium Memorial see rare goods

The Cuban cigar Millennium Memorial see rare goods Abstract: the Cuban cigar which has many cattle breaking cigars, although not smoked, but did not know. In addition, super’s edition, Global Limited Edition, limited edition and LCDH limited area and so on, the launch of the new millennium Habanos series is also commendable.

There have many cattle breaking Cuban cigars, although not smoked, but did not know. In addition, super’s edition, Global Limited Edition, limited edition and LCDH limited area and so on, the launch of the new millennium Habanos series is also commendable.

In 1999 February organized by the Cuban cigar festival in Havana, announced the release of Habanos Millennium Series (Millennium Reserve), to greet the arrival of 2000.

The Millennium Series is the ceramic pots for packaging, cans each cigar is 25, with the “2000 Millennium” kidney.

This year, issued a total of three ceramic pots, which are Cohiba, known as ray Monte and Pisces library abba. Cohiba and Montreal are limited to ten thousand cans, only four thousand cans of Abba library, a total of twenty thousand and four hundred in the tank. One begins to open up sales of seventeen thousand cans, 2002 sales of other rated number of cigars.

The first phase of cigars sold quickly, but the second period due to the quality of the porcelain pot lid, has been postponed to the end of 2002 was released. Released in 2002 2002 November logos stamped on the jar, but here are include the rolling out of the 1999.

Pyramid Cohiba 52×156 (6.1 “)

This is the first time Cohiba launched in Pyramid this size, called a cigar to break through the traditional Cohiba bean, increase the grass fragrance. Aged 5-7 years, the best flavor bloom, then weak, do not open the jar cover often recommended.


Monte Roberto 50×124 (4.9 “)

Montreal — first introduced rob figure paragraph cigar, later introduced outdoor series one master is rob section map.


Abba library exclusive 52×162 (6.4 “) perfect size

(author of loach)

Cigar appreciation

Mount 1

Montecristo No.1

Product type: Lang, Dyer

Length: 6.5 feet (165 mm)

Ring size: 42

Packing: 25 wooden box

Specifications: medium


An important reference in cigar size Cervantes, starting with sweet fruit flavor, fruit is not the termination of Yu Jian, thunder two, quality is not comparable.

1, 3 and 4, the cigar taste is the same, is a combination of coffee, cocoa, vanilla and tobacco flavor medium bodied.

In order to show the potential quality of this cigar, recommend the most short time is 3 years old.

In the cigar line activities, cigar butt micro signal: xuejiashe channel

Pay attention to the cigar agency subscription number: cigarcommunity

In 11 years the aurora burst, it is not a tour of Europe transit station!

In 11 years the aurora burst, it is not a tour of Europe transit station! Abstract: today, small enough to give everyone science a comfortable place, not only can be observed, you can also enjoy the delicacy! Where is this place?

So 11 years later, in 2016 once again usher in the aurora outbreak, everything was full of energy, the snow is still full of vitality. Of course the most important thing is to find the aurora Aurora zone, and Northern Europe there hides the most shocking in the Arctic aurora. Year, season and place, this is just as well, miss, but is 11 years!!!

An estimated Nordic most people’s first response is Sweden or Iceland, but forget the Nordic countries 1/3 of the territory is located within the Arctic Circle, it has long been silent and low-key, just at the edge of the world exudes its own unique charm.

You only know Norway is as beautiful as the picture of the forest, but do not know the country’s forest dream like fairy tale!

You only know the romantic Mediterranean blue and white, but do not know the state of the Baltic Haining quiet deep, gentle every year.

You only know the design style of Swedish frigidity, but do not know the state gives the Nordic design of bright colors, and reached a new level.

You only know Melbourne bright retro tram, but do not know the country’s more ancient tram staggered, like city elf on the track.

You only know the French high-end Michelin restaurant around, do not know this country in the past few years new dishes sweeping the global gourmet taste. You only know the Russians love to drink liquor, but do not know the people in this country have no wine untasted, Nordic partying more crazy than you might think.

You only know three warm South Korea, did not know that this country is to live all hotel sauna, sauna room and even every family are necessary!

See the sauna you may know it immediately

Yes, the Nordic country is Finland

It is not a day of Europe transit station

It is not only black and white ash cold wind state

Embark on a gourmet delicacy of the GEE Tour

The whole world is unable to replicate the Nordic cuisine innovation

The society of Finland and the national height pursue multiple tolerance, which doomed the fusion of Finland cuisine. Finland cuisine is clever fusion of oil and Russian kitchen concentrated juice, and Nordic cuisine salty fresh and natural organic. In the three sides of the country, is doing my protagonist seafood cuisine. But the Nordic people for the pursuit of popular and natural ingredients, the organic cultivation of vegetables, become a major restaurant guest.


Helsinki is regarded as a paradise for gourmets, various flash restaurants and global popular restaurant day activities, originated in Helsinki that a new generation of delicacy enthusiasts and creative chefs. The innovation of Finland local raw materials collocation, which is also called the New Nordic flavor menu, plus the atmosphere that is carefree and content, Helsinki small restaurant style.

In the || from the cabin began the first Nordic meal

Sit in the air Finland, see the elegant simplicity of the menu on the journey more to look forward to. The first point of a cup of BlueSky before dinner, this cocktail as Finnair A350 specialty drinks, by the French champagne and Finland blueberry wine mixture, in order to express a tribute to pure nature in Finland and Toulouse in France, and Toulouse is the hometown of Airbus A350. If you are an alcoholic, so you can from the sweet white Sauternes to Dragon Seal Riesling experience again, whether you have what kind of wine preference, believe that can find a suitable one in the machine.

Finnair and international chef Mr. Liu Yifan customized combination of Chinese and Western menu, such as chicken and Shanghai food. Sweet soup with crispy sweet corn, grain fed beef stewed carrots with silky and Shanghai style dishes, unexpectedly also can enjoy the delicious Chinese and Western cuisine on the plane. At this moment, the Finland creative dishes look more. The plane also has a variety of snacks, and a cup of espresso, the height of the taste, wake up.

|| in Michelin star restaurant in the morning just picked fresh vegetables

(* photo: Luo Xiansang)

The first Michelin Restaurant Chef Restaurant & Sommelier aircraft arrive Street hidden in a colorful old lane, the door is not conspicuous, which position is not much, the transparent kitchen facing the street. As the restaurant chef and founder of Sasu, Mr. Laukkonen is one of the Finland Airlines business class cooperation custom menu chef, his menu provides the starting in Helsinki long-distance business class.

(* photo: Luo Xiansang)

The essence of Finland cuisine is local, seasonal, wild, fresh, the core ingredients include venison, fish, mushrooms and berries. This restaurant is no exception, in their own yard heavy potatoes, even in the morning just picking the mushrooms, fresh fruit, every dish is now brewed, every dish, the chef will introduce materials, inspiration and story of this dish for this table. A Michelin restaurant is small, but closer to the heart of each diner.

|| in top mixologists under the guidance of the one and only a cup of cocktail modulation

(* photo: Luo Xiansang)

You know the love of wine can be ranked on the name in the world but, so come here personally experience a cocktail is meaningful. Go to A21 Cocktail School, we can get the top mixologists guidance, learning knowledge, cocktail making process, and history. During the study, you can learn to make four different cocktails, but wine is good to drink, do not drink too oh.

|| sitting in the Baltic Sea enjoy stunning innovative dishes taste

(* photo: Luo Xiansang)

Finland will have to try their innovative dishes, these innovative delicacy covers all over the world delicacy culture and taste. Recommend to the Baltic Sea Shelter restaurant for dinner, it is a restaurant opened in August 2016, is located in the old port warehouse Arnold card, the Baltic Sea, can enjoy the meal to harbour the night night. Here the beef meat is very tender, taste is also very tasty, taste good, black pepper sauce in the barbecue to a certain temperature, once poured into the steak on the barbecue, with the temperature, which quickly immersed in each shredded meat…… Design the perfect flavor restaurant with avant-garde, no wonder the opening 1 months is so hot.


|| hundred years of market experience a traditional seafood party

(* photo: Luo Xiansang)

In the center of Turku Erikinkatu street has a built in nineteenth Century at the beginning of the indoor market, the people of Turku is still the most frequented place, the market was mixed with cheese, fish, meat, sweets, coffee aroma, every store is clean and neat, the window in the freezer food fresh and attractive, also each stall are very enthusiastic to greet you. But there is a Herkkunuotta market, has 120 years of history in the indoor market traders, in this store can experience the traditional party — Cray fish party.

|| aurar by a cup of coffee for an afternoon

Cafe Art is located in Turku riverside building a long aurar era, it is not only a cafe, is a gallery and Exhibition hall. Cafe Art coffee from 2012 to now, has been in the Finland coffee competition won the championship. This cafe, made coffee never disappoint. Like most of the Nordic cafe, here not only has the most delicious coffee, there are a lot of quiet Cafe guests, quietly watching the book or looking at the river, a scenery line, an afternoon so imperceptibly in the sunlight and the passage of coffee.

A delicious fantasy forest roaming

Mushrooms, berries and raspberries are you

Finland has always been a full local legend, in the Forest Park on the outskirts of Helsinki, you can go to fairy tales in the world to meet the wizard! Roam freely in the forest, everywhere can be picked with cute and delicious food, which makes every step migration of the forest into a delicious tour.

(* photo: Luo Xiansang)

In Finland local, local people to love the weekend of outdoor activities for mushrooms in the forest. However, the local people must have rich experience to guide, or eating poisonous mushrooms may be in trouble. The forest wild mushroom is completely free, many local people will find a piece of his “secret world”, to the private territory regularly picking mushrooms.

(* photo: Luo Xiansang)

The summer midnight sun make vegetable and fruit mature, especially delicious berries. Although Finland berries and fruits than usual, but they are sweet and delicious, nutrition is also very rich in vitamin and. Although the Finn has been keen to pick these natural products, the vast forest still covered with different berries, mushrooms and fresh herbs. After less than an hour has been picking harvest a lot of toxic and non-toxic, and need to be processed in order to eat, and you can wash everything directly in the entrance of the mushroom.

After the mushroom picking went back to the cottage in the woods a rest. It has been described the Finland residential space: the Finns live in the woods, only tourists living in town. This may be slightly exaggerated, but also very image. In the jungle, with much land and few people in the country, people who know how to enjoy life are his home in the woods. The summer in front of the cabin by the sun up, through the winter forest cabin skylight enjoy magnificent aurora…… Finland is really a beautiful fairy tale.

The house owner also thoughtfully prepared delicious mushroom pie, muskmelon dry and dried apples…… Is this the forest of freshly picked Vegetable & Fruit Oh, the coffee here are also cooked over a fire, everything is the original natural flavor.

A Scandinavian design for special

From the street, Home Furnishing shop to the secondary market

Finland design is not just your eyes to see the object, but all you experience. It is you to step off the plane from Helsinki Vantaa Airport that moment began, then everywhere with you, even after you leave and you long. The Finn loves to draw inspiration from nature, and put them into the beloved object, architecture and blueprint, it has become a way of life.


|| design for everywhere in the streets of Helsinki

(* photo: Luo Xiansang)

Walking in the streets of Helsinki, filled with lines and colors, and the cool breeze are reminding you, right, this is north. The essence of design lies in the Finland nature seamless woven into the ability of daily life in the bright retro tram around the city in a ring, completely different from the traditional style of the church like a modern exhibition hall, even the roadside at a poster is so full of artistic sense! The path you walk, to sit in a chair when feeling, flowers are special packaged…… So beautiful is for you!

|| morning to open free market sweep a circle. (* photo: Luo Xiansang)

In the center of the Helsinki region, there is a lots of gold souk, bustling here every day. From the beginning of every morning, the traders gathered here, all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and flower stalls, as well as Finland knife, tapestries, ceramics, sculpture and decorative and other traditional crafts and souvenirs. Compared with other European capital market open here, commercial atmosphere can be a little not heavy, you can buy edge to eat, easy and fun.

Business hours: Monday to Friday 8:00-18:00 8:00-16:00, Saturday, Sunday rest.

|| Home Furnishing to personally pick a Nordic furniture shop

Although buy a piece of furniture home is not realistic, but it does not stop you to Finland to visit a Home Furnishing shop. The Nordic design brand ARTEK furniture was founded in 1935 by the famous Finland architect, interior decoration designer Alver Aalto. In Finland, almost every family has a piece of his works. Different from simple polished steel furniture, ARTEK furniture has always stressed the nature, to Finland traditional manufacturing wood birch beautiful curve, both the beauty and comfort of the Nordic style. I believe that the moment of them, you can not resist the brand!

|| in a second-hand shop Amoy favorite retro tableware

Finland is a good place to antique thrifting. The Finns love Amoy second-hand goods, so here’s the second-hand goods market is flourishing, the one and only, and wash up absolutely flavor. Thrift stores and antique shops around the city of Helsinki, a few at the flea market is thriving, you can find high quality clothing, furniture and collectibles. Can Amoy to the many good stuff are “made in Finland”, not only the design of the eternal charm, and durable products, you can find the owner repair once favorite, from the 60s Marimekko dress and Itttala glass, to the original design of Alva Arto’s chair and so on.


|| personally in the manual tile shop to do a piece of tile

There is a unique handmade tile shop in Turku City, its special is that you could not find two tiles as like as two peas. The love will be home to colorful tiles without law, which in the domestic not so we can design, but in this world there are always some people do a colorful dream, some people will have a black and white dream, Finland is love their magnificent dream into design our love. There are also a variety of soap box, tray, fruit tray, coasters and display, and the boss just happy you can make you own a piece of tile Oh, sign, second days to get on the good. But if you really want to take home the bulk decoration, please remember a year in advance reservation ~

|| to handmade art museum dialogue hundred years ago in the hands of people

In 1927, when a fire destroyed the city of northern Europe’s largest city 2500 buildings, some craftsmen living in wooden houses on the hill only survived. Therefore, this piece of handicraft workshop area has become a symbol of the ancient city of turku. Into this outdoor museum, just like 100 years ago in Turku city. More than 30 sizes, preserved in the courtyard next to a compact arrangement in the sand arranged in a crisscross pattern on both sides of the road, each courtyard is an independent handicraft workshop, courtyard generally have four or five to ten bungalows, houses from the inside to the outside are wooden structures. The hospital door hung a variety of signs in front of the workshop, the shoemaker holds a eye-catching boots, musical craftsman’s window is hanging a neat violin, coppersmith eaves hangs a put ancient copper pot, the watchmaker is in front of a moving giant pocket watch……

Experience the authentic way of life in Finland

You must come here a steam sauna

The exciting elements of pristine nature gather from Finland, the way of life will allow you to take on an altogether new aspect. A cup of fresh and natural scenery of Finland, a sauna, a spoonful of elegant culture, plus a few disc venison. The physical and mental health of both, to share delicious ~


|| and Finland steamed with every kind of sauna

To Finland, must be steamed with a sauna and the local people, is absolutely the most enjoy the fun trip. The sauna is an important part of Finland culture, no other things can be compared, a few months old baby has first experience sauna, then this life has never stopped. As we will buy home bath, Finn’s home there are many sauna room, although it sounds very unbelievable in the us. But the Finn must frequently go to the sauna, if the time interval is too long, they will feel a little what is missing. For centuries, the sauna is purifying the body and mind of the place, core, bare, all in nature’s garb into humanity. It seems others and sharing the feelings of the way in the sauna is connected with the Finns, so when the sauna chat is a real topic, no small talk. Many Finns is making a major decision in the sauna room, not in the conference room. In Finland will have a sauna room hotel in the morning and evening open, don’t forget to experience oh

|| jumped into the open sea hot pool to swim (* photo: Luo Xiansang)

May be due to the weather is too cold, the Finns always love sauna, swimming in various places, even to be able to enjoy the beauty of the edge of physical fitness, they built a hot pool in the Baltic sea. Even in winter, there are also braved the steaming heat, watching the beautiful body and charming seascape, would you like to try?

If you can get up early this morning to the harbor, you can see the sun just fell on the surface of the sea, the ship to port sporadic came, everything is still awake, this is North quiet.


|| to turn off the mobile phone in the library to read a Book

It is said that Finland is the country, this point is not exaggerated. In Finland, children born to receive government donated books, 70% of parents will give children to read books. To say the world’s most industrious nation, Finland is sure to row to the top. One of the countries with the highest rate in Finland is the world’s use of the library, the citizens of Finland 80% of the use of library services, about 40% of the citizens of Finland about a month will come to the library two times. Into the Turku Library of old hall, ancient architecture and sculpture in a sudden push too far away, so that people have a sense of mystery to the library.

In Chinese, everyone is busy playing down or out of mobile phone communication, except in University, rarely have the opportunity to see this picture, hall filled with reading, male female, young and old, even carts just bought dish teeter man. Do not know who sit on the table, we learn the knowledge so quietly, sat in front of the sun, scholarly and important.

Finland, not to have heard of people here seldom in the transit of people always feel the lack of time, once the people always think again, this is the charm of the Nordic countries that do not play, but an unforgettable!